Like general contractors, municipalities and developers create project budgets, one of the driving factors will be how much to allot to sub-contractors. Concrete removal is one of those issues that some decision-makers can be on the fence about. You probably have a significant workforce in place. It may seem like an opportunity to rent equipment and utilize your own team. However, concrete removal requires the expertise of an experienced company. Cobra Concrete specializes in these services. Here are four reasons to sub-contract the work out to an expert.

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Safety Matters

Concrete removal experts do this work every single day. That means they encounter hazardous situations specific to concrete removal and develop an understanding of the real dangers you won’t find in a textbook, classroom or training course. On the job experience is important. Cobra Concrete has also made a significant investment in superior job site safety awareness.

All Cobra Concrete workers and managers have earned an OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health Card. Team members undergo focused monthly and annual safety orientations. The company also works without outside safety organizations to keep fresh eyes on internal practices and measures. In terms of working with a Chicago concrete removal sub-contractor, this level of safety detail will keep workers out of harm’s way and avoid costly injuries.

Expertise Matters

You probably wouldn’t hire a cardiologist to perform laser eye surgery. Even though they are both doctors, each specializes. They are expert in specific fields. The same holds true in construction. A general laborer could remove concrete, but a lack of expertise about procedures and equipment may lead to serious problems.

Experience Matters

You could say that every job is two unique stories. There’s the formal training that teaches you the fundamentals. Then, there is being immersed in daily experience. Concrete removal involves a variety of settings, structures, and understanding of density and fragility. Technicians that complete this work every day earn a degree in practical knowledge that is unrivaled.

Equipment Matters

It’s certainly true that a general contractor or developer could rent concrete removal equipment. Of course, this would be basic excavation equipment and it would end up in the hands of relative novices. A professional concrete removal company has a specialized fleet of equipment that can be brought to handle massive slab removal, vertical and horizontal cutting and more. Cobra Concrete enjoys a fleet so diverse that it has remote-controlled robotic equipment and fumeless tools available. Outsourcing ultimately saves time and money because a concrete removal expert has all the tools and trained personnel waiting in the wings.

If you are a general contractor, developer, or municipal decision-maker, it’s important to utilize the best resources to attain the best results. Call Cobra Concrete for a quote.

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