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While both wall and wire are forms of concrete sawing, they are two very different methods, which are not interchangeable.

Sawing needs can vary from the shape, size, depth, and other necessary specifics such as noise level and location of sawing needed. Which method is right for your specific concrete cutting needs? We want to clear up any confusion about the differences and uses of wall and wire sawing.

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing Versus Wire Sawing

The uses of wall sawing typically include cutting windows, doors, openings for HVAC, various building modifications such as elevators, stair openings, and separation cuts for demolition. Wall saws are track mounted and demonstrate incredibly precise dimensions in nearly all areas of a building, namely walls, floors, roof, beams, and footings. Cobra Concrete’s wall saws have the capability to create incisions up to 36” from one side at any angle and can even cut flush to adjacent surfaces.  

We have hydraulic and electric capabilities that can cut through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, brick, and cinderblock. We have yet to come across a concrete structure that we cannot handle.

Wire Sawing

One of the advantages of wire sawing is its capability to cut through any concrete at any depth. We recommend this method over many others due to its increased safety when removing large amounts of concrete while keeping surrounding structures intact and maintaining its integrity.  Another advantage of this method is its considerable decrease in the noise produced. There is a myriad of wire available to use, but we believe, and have experienced that diamond wire is the most efficient way to separate foundations, bridges, create openings in thick walls, and remove equipment pads.

Cobra Concrete Cutting Services Co. has extensive experience with wire sawing, wall sawing, and a number of other sawing methods used for various concrete cutting needs. We have used these methods for projects that range from malls, sporting areas, government facilities, dining, grocery stores, and even city landmarks like the Willis Tower, The Shedd Aquarium, and Millennium Park. There is no project that we cannot handle with ease, efficiency, and quality craftsmanship.

If your concrete structures are in dire need of concrete cutting, Cobra Concrete is one of the leading experts in the Chicagoland and Midwest. We have 17 excellent years of experience in our industry building long-term relationships, exceeding safety standards, and committing to continuing education for our team. We would love to help you with your next concrete endeavor. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about our concrete cutting expertise.