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Cobra can perform every available Concrete Sawing and Drilling service to every industry. We offer 24-hour service and immediate response times to provide you the scheduling experience you deserve. 

core drilling

core Drilling

Coring holes of just about any size and depth can be achieved through this process, as small as 1/4″ diameter up to the largest diameter you need or can imagine. Coring can be done in any structure, at any angle (including upside- down), in any concrete masonry or stone material, and even most metals.

slab sawing

Slab saws are used to cut indoor floor slabs on grade and elevated slabs, roads, bridges, runways, sidewalks, and many other amazing applications. We can cut up to 32” and even deeper if the right project arises.

slab sawing
concrete wall sawing

wall sawing

Wall saws are used for cutting horizontally and vertically, as well as on the ground or ceiling of any structure and at any angle. This process is used to cut out new doors, windows, mechanical openings, cut out existing stairwells, and providing clean separations and modifications for demolition or renovation. We can cut up to 36” from each side of the structure.

wire sawing

Sawing with diamond wire is the most efficient way to separate large concrete and stone structures such as foundations, caissons, bridges, equipment pads, or to make openings in thick walls. Cobra can also wire saw any metal object such as giant electric motors, machine casts, and steel pipes. We can cut any thickness, at any angle, flush to surfaces and even under water (submerged).

wire sawing - concrete
concrete handheld saw

handheld sawing

Handheld sawing techniques are used where it is faster and more cost-effective than using other cutting methods. We have handheld saws that can cut up to 24” from one side in concrete, masonry, stone, and many other applications.


Our equipment comes with an array of grinders and groovers that will allow us to accommodate a variety of specialty concrete needs such as removing and re-pouring areas of recessed concrete.

interior concrete grinding and grooving
concrete chain sawing


Concrete chain saws are commonly used for HVAC openings that are relatively small in the outside dimension. Our chain saws can reach a maximum of 24” in cutting depth.

Always on the cutting edge, our services make it easy for our customers to come to one place for all of their project needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to complete client satisfaction and safety, and we have the reputation & track record to prove it. We truly are “Cutting the Industry Out of the Stone Age”.

Our Services

Concrete Sawing & Drilling

We offer the latest tools and technology for core drilling, slab sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing, handheld sawing, interior grinding and chain sawing.

Breaking, Removal, & Patching

We offer robotic demolition, skid steer services, and indoor electrical excavation for breaking and removal, along with concrete patching and pour backs, once the excavation has been completed.


Ground Penetrating RADAR

Our Scanning Division provides our customers with the latest GPR technology in concrete scanning, locating underground utility and bridge and deck inspection.

24 hr service

24-Hour Service

We offer 24-hour service and immediate response times to provide our customers the highest level of service.