Cobra Concrete offers a variety of Concrete Sawing and Drilling services for all types of industries. We offer 24-hour service and immediate response times to provide our customers the highest level of service. Please select a service below to learn more.


Core drilling techniques can be used to core holes of different sizes from ½” to 60” diameter


Slab Sawing

The most common concrete cutting technique features a walk behind machine with a mounted blade


Wall Sawing

Typically used for cutting windows, doors, HVAC openings, elevator and stair openings.


Wire Sawing

This is the most efficient way to remove large concrete structures such as foundations and bridges.


Handheld Sawing

Used for smaller jobs where it is faster and more cost effective than using other cutting methods.


Interior Grinding

An alternative for removing areas of recessed concrete or the removal of high points in concrete


Chain Sawing

Chain saws are commonly used for HVAC openings that are relatively small in outside dimension


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