Project Description

Location: Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL

Time of Completion: July 2014

Cobra was hired to cut and remove approximately 100,000 pounds of concrete as part of a two-phase, $5.2-million renovation project at the Adler planetarium in Chicago. The work involved creating several 9.5-foot-tall openings, some as wide as 6 feet, in the 14-inch-thick exterior wall of an observatory with a raked concrete finish. Further precise cutting and removal tasks inside the cylindrical-shaped building were required to help transform it into a modern tourist attraction.

As an active lakefront observing facility, the Doane Observatory is unique to Chicago and the U.S. Through a multi-phase transformation, the Adler Planetarium is creating a fully accessible plaza, ideal for daytime and nighttime observing, as well as special events.