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We offer full service concrete cutting from start to finish. Always on the cutting edge, our services make it easy for our customers to come to one place for all of their project needs. Cobra is your Milwaukee concrete contractor.

Milwaukee, WI
Phone: 414-800-6278

Developers and general contractors are anticipating a replenished infrastructure revenue stream coming down the pipeline. That means the time is now to work out an ongoing agreement for concrete cutting in Milwaukee you can depend on.

The federal government has been touting a renewed commitment to repairing, replacing and modernizing crumbling roads and bridges. When the funding flows into Milwaukee municipal budgets, outfits that bid on these lucrative contracts can reach out to Cobra Concrete in advance to be able to fulfill their obligations on time and on budget.

Milwaukee Concrete Contractor: OFFERING THE FULL LINE OF SERVICES

Milwaukee, WI

601 S. 93rd St. • Milwaukee, WI 53214
Phone: 414-800-6278


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    History of Milwaukee WI

    Though the historic city takes pride in its roots, committed to a transformative heritage, Milwaukee is being rejuvenated via rapid growth and economic development. Milwaukee is considered the cultural center of the Milwaukee metropolitan area, a densely populated hub of about 2,043, 904 inhabitants. Categorized as the Gamma global city, Milwaukee boasts a regional GDP of over $105 billion.

    Summertime in Milwaukee is often characterized by festivals celebrating the diverse metropolitan culture. Beyond lively festivals, growth and economic development have surged through the city in recent years. Nearly $5 billion has been invested in new construction projects, improving existing structures, and transforming historic pieces. Milwaukee inhabitants agree that the city has experienced a unique revitalization.

    Milwaukee is a known manufacturing hub, also home to entrepreneurs, creatives, chefs, architects, and dreamers of every kind. Though not a new passion for eco-friendly Milwaukee, residents are increasingly fervent about natural beauty, LEED Gold certified architecture, and extensive stretches of beachfront.

    Residents take pride in multiple unique landmarks, including The Bronze Fonz – a 5-foot-6 statue of Fonzie from Happy Days – Gertie the Duck, and movable bridges. Gertie the Duck became a famous icon during World War II, a symbol of the struggles of war. Movable bridges speak for themselves; architectural phenomena dotting Milwaukee’s landscape.

    At Cobra Concrete, we are the leading provider of concrete sawing and drilling services in Milwaukee. We offer a complete range of services to handle all of your concrete and scanning needs. Committed to complete client satisfaction and safety, we provide a track record and reputation to prove it. We strive to cut the industry out of the stone age – one project at a time. Safety, lasting relationship, and innovation define our mission. Our services include sawing & drilling and breaking, removal, & patching with the best technology and a professionally trained team.

    Infrastructure Investments Require Concrete Cutting Services

    The White House and Congress are bandying about an infrastructure investment that could reach as high as $1 trillion nationally. Milwaukee has already begun the revitalization process. The north side’s Century City Triangle neighborhoods drew praise for fulfilling some wonderful green initiatives last year. While the headlines and photo ops may focus on the rich gardens, the backstory includes sewer problems stemming from intense rains that overflowed the system. The neighborhood’s green initiative started with an infrastructure problem. After a group of community activists tackled the water issues, officials from Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD) recommended more than $600,000 in infrastructure improvements last year. As general contractors bid on this type of work, they will need the high-level concrete cutting services that Cobra Concrete provides.

    Milwaukee Concrete Cutting Services

    Milwaukee’s Friends of Lakeshore State Park called for the removal of tradition hard surfaces and installation of porous pavement, the creation of a visitor’s center and rehabilitation of the Milwaukee Public Museum parking lots among others. All of this retrofitting and rehabilitation will call for the use of deep cutting walk-behind slab sawing, and a variety of niche equipment will be brought to bear. In 2016, MMSD Executive Director Kevin Shafer called for the municipality to target 740 million gallons of green infrastructure capacity by 2035. Such lofty goals will mean that general contractors and the County of Milwaukee government are going to need a top flight concrete sawing and drilling outfit on speed dial.

    Roads and Bridges

    Milwaukee officials are well aware of the infrastructure upgrades that need to be implemented. When the federal government opens the funding tap, contractors should plan ahead for a flood of work. The rehabilitated West Mill Road bridge stands as a good example about the necessity of experienced concrete work. The bridge was inadequate to handle heavy rain flow in an environmentally friendly fashion. The existing concrete parapets were demolished and removed to make way for an improved, green bridge.

    The city and county have numerous projects in the planning stages and even more on their wish lists. If these hit the bidding and implementation phases rapidly, there may be a log jam for the concrete cutting Milwaukee companies rely on to fulfill their contracts.

    Always on the cutting edge, our services make it easy for our customers to come to one place for all of their project needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to complete client satisfaction and safety, and we have the reputation & track record to prove it. We truly are “Cutting the Industry Out of the Stone Age”.

    Our Services

    Concrete Sawing & Drilling

    We offer the latest tools and technology for core drilling, slab sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing, handheld sawing, interior grinding and chain sawing.

    Breaking, Removal, & Patching

    We offer robotic demolition, skid steer services, and indoor electrical excavation for breaking and removal, along with concrete patching and pour backs, once the excavation has been completed.


    Ground Penetrating RADAR

    Our Scanning Division provides our customers with the latest GPR technology in concrete scanning, locating underground utility and bridge and deck inspection.

    24 hr service

    24-Hour Service

    We offer 24-hour service and immediate response times to provide our customers the highest level of service.

    From our clients:
    • Best concrete cutting company all around. They have the services any contractor would need for a job the guys are punctual & very professional. I would greatly recommend them any day.

      David C.
    • Excellent subcontractor.

      Michael P - 1968
    • Great company to work with and my first choice for any saw cutting, core drilling, etc!!

      Steve W., Bridge and Highway Contractor - Illinois, Indiana
    • Always there when we need them.

      Joe F., Concrete Contractor - Arlington Heights, IL
    • Great company! We partnered with their team on a series of advanced cores. From start to finish the group focused on safety. Highly recommend.

      Kyle A., Electrical Contractor - National Infrastructure