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Trends change with the times, an ebb and flow of choices and decisions. In the business world, certain trends stick. These are the ones that provide the greatest advantages. These are the cutting-edge decisions that truly benefit a business.

Recently, office spaces have been changing both inside and out. On the inside, businesses are capturing a new aesthetic: a modern, sleek, comfortable space that promotes creativity and energy. Beyond aesthetics, business owners are catching on to the trend of renting or leasing office spaces. While not the ideal solution for every company, renting or leasing an office space is a growing trend because of the advantages it provides.

Advantages of Renting OUT Office Space

should I rent an office space
  1. Freedom of location. Where will your business thrive? What city will become the hub of commerce for your company? Are there other corporations surrounding your business that could form a network with you? Finding an office space to rent or lease, as opposed to searching for and purchasing a commercial building, gives business owners freedom to pick an optimized location. When your lease expires, you can make a key decision: stay in your current office or move. You have total freedom.
  2. Fewer upfront expenses. This advantage can be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs and small businesses, without a plethora of funds to pour into a commercial office space. Furthermore, sometimes rates are negotiable. You have more freedom to work with your personal resources. With no real estate costs, you can dedicate more capital to business. While buying might be an option in the future, renting is an ideal, flexible first step.
  3. No wasted time. Business owners, from early entrepreneurs to experienced CEOs—know that unnecessary time spent moving is—quite literally—wasted opportunity to increase capital. Some rentable office spaces are already established with furniture and office amenities. Less time spent selecting furniture and purchasing office supplies is valuable time gained for business.
  4. Fewer responsibilities. Not only will your office space probably be established with some furnishings, office maintenance—such as security, cleaning, and space management—will be off your plate.
  5. Less paperwork. Paperwork is a necessity for most of life, especially in the business world. Less time spent filling out tax forms is more time earned for other tasks.

Should I rent An office space: Tips for Renting

Now that the advantages of renting or leasing office space are explained, how does a business owner make a smart decision?

  • Once again, consider location. What amenities are important to have close by? Where do your employees live? These are all questions to consider before putting down your first payment.
  • Think about aesthetic. Does the “feel” of the office fit your team? If you plan on purchasing your own furniture or office supplies, account for those extra costs.
  • Consider parking. If your employees drive to work, ensure that parking is readily available.

cobra concrete: A Business That Cares

At Cobra Concrete Cutting Services, we understand the value of growing trends in the business world. We work with a wide variety of companies in Chicagoland, central Illinois, and Milwaukee to enhance their aesthetic. We specialize in concrete sawing, drilling, removal, and patching. Our goal: complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about our services, send us a message today!