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In any industry, staying in control of your fleet is crucial to success. Perhaps an obvious example, the military functions under a tight command to effectively complete missions.

Though fundamentally different, the concrete cutting industry requires control as well, especially for large and quickly expanding companies who want to be one step ahead. The Husqvarna Fleet Services system is a cutting-edge industry innovation that allows goal-oriented concrete service companies to function under complete order.

What is Husqvarna Digital Fleet Management?

Innovations in the Industry: Husqvarna Digital Fleet Management

Husqvarna is an innovative business, dedicated to helping companies manage their machine fleets well. Husqvarna’s digital fleet management system “collects and presents data regarding your machine fleet,” allowing for full connection among your entire team. Husqvarna management involves monitoring fleet inventory, runtime and utilization rates, machine availability, and service planning. Listed below are a few benefits of connecting your machines via this management system:

Inventory Control

Husqvarna Fleet Services allows you to maintain an equipment inventory – in one location. No need for paperwork, folders, and structural confusion. With Husqvarna inventorying, all your equipment can be itemized in one place. Each specific kind of machine, serial number, and the number of each machine is listed in a single location. Incorporating digital inventorying is part of becoming a company of the future.

Machine Location

When a bulk of your fleet is deployed, keeping track of where your equipment was last utilized is important. While employing Husqvarna Fleet Services, each piece of equipment is fitted with a sensor that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone with the Fleet Services app. As soon as the sensor connects with the smartphone, that specific machine is registered.

Once your equipment is registered, preparing to launch another job is a breeze. Simply check your app. What equipment is on standby? What equipment is being utilized in another location? Where is each individual machine at work?

Machine Statistics

Each sensor also tracks the hours that each piece of equipment in your digital inventory has been utilized. This assists in damage control. Knowing what machines are used the most allows you to even wear and tear among your entire fleet. Which machines are the favorites? Which machines tend to sit at the warehouse? Why? How can your performance be optimized? All these questions can be answered through the seamless collection of data.

Service Overview

Along with a digital inventory, you can keep track of your equipment’s service history. You can easily set up reminders, based on engine hours, to keep your machinery in ideal condition. This frees you from tracking your own service schedule – and ensures that your equipment is prepared for any jobs that come your way.

The Future of the Concrete Industry

At Cobra Concrete Cutting, we’ve been determined to cut the industry out of the stone age for over 20 years. That’s why we appreciate cutting-edge industry innovations. Husqvarna technology is built for fleet connection. Fleet connection allows you to stay in control of your team, optimize for future jobs, and achieve total productivity. We seek to set industry standards and realize these goals. In need of excellent concrete sawing or drilling services? Contact us at Cobra Concrete Cutting today!