Frequently asked questions about Ground Penetrating Radar:

1. How deep can you see into concrete?
The antennas Cobra use can penetrate up to 18″ thick concrete on applications with both sides accessible by up to 36″

2. Is GPR safe?
Absolutely. Much like ultrasound, the signals are very high frequency not unlike those of Wi-Fi or cellphones. The equipment is FCC approved and deemed safe for the operator and all persons nearby. It is much safer AND cost effective than X-ray inspections.

3. How accurate is GPR?
On an average 6″ – 8″ slab on grade inspection, targets were located within 1/4″ of their markings laterally and within 1/4″ of their depth estimations. Markings are made as bold and clear as possible unless finished surfaces do not allow. If that is the case, other means are used such as masking tape, pencil, etc.

4. Are there limitations to GPR?
Yes, there are some issues that can prevent effective collection of GPR data including: accessibility (physical obstructions in area such as walls) rough or damaged surfaces, heavily reinforced pours common near columns, delaminated concrete, unlike materials such as foam roofing, wood flooring, some terrazzo topped surfaces installed using a wire mesh and lightweight concrete pours. Lower (trough) areas of pan-decking can also be trouble spots as triangulation of steel in these areas can conceal other metallic objects in those low spots.

5. What equipment do we use?
Cobra scanning division uses cutting edge equipment manufactured by a leader in geophysical and archeological inspection and testing equipment, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI)

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