Concrete Scanning: GPR can quickly locate and document the position of embedded electrical conduits, rebar, PVC pipes, metal pipes and post tension cables buried inside a concrete slab.

GPR scanning prior to any cutting or coring lets workers know where these cables are located and ensures that the project can proceed efficiently and safely.
Cobra Concrete provides GPR services by using a 3–step approach. These steps consist of the following:

1. Initial Assessment & Preparation: The first step in any scanning job is to survey the entire work area during a walkthrough in order to identify any potentially limiting factors. Inspection of the integrity of the concrete and subsurface will be determining factors in our methods of scanning. After initial utility company locates, secondary locating may be required to locate specific buried lines within the property.

2. Scanning: In this phase we implement the use of our GPR technologies, searching for any embedded objects. Our equipment consists of both Electro-magnetic wands and transmitters.

3. Analysis: Sub–surface objects detected during the scanning process are clearly and permanently marked (unless otherwise requested) on the scanning surface. Photographs are taken and a real time layout is marked directly onto the surface. Once the markings are complete, all reporting requirements are discussed with the onsite client representative. 3-D post inspection modeling using the latest and up to date software will be available on-site for all of our customers.

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