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Construction projects are intensive and there are many factors to consider when restructuring walkways, foundations, and other areas with concrete. Concrete can disguise many elements that may pose a threat to construction projects.

It is crucial to identify any potential dangers. Concrete scanning is excellent at locating objects like rebar, post tension cables, and metal pipes. Meeting project deadlines on budget is important and concrete scanning will help you achieve those goals.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete scanning uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate objects. GPR is a mechanical and geophysical device that uses radar pulses to create a subsurface image. It is non-invasive, non-destructive, and typically takes very little time. All types of construction projects use GPR to locate numerous subsurface objects to ensure safety and integrity in the construction process.


Concrete Scanning

The initial phase in identifying potential obstructions is to complete a survey of the entire property. A survey will show all known utilities and underground devices. The surface type is an important consideration as well. Hollow and solid concrete slabs have different amounts of rebar and mesh. A complete picture of the site will help to navigate the entire project in an effective way. Once this is complete, a GPR technician can target specific areas that need attention.

Scanning and Imaging

Once site analysis and preparation is complete, the scanning phase of the process will begin. Electromagnetic wands emit radar pulses which the transmitters receive to detect subsurface objects. After collecting the data, the GPR will create an image of subsurface objects and their exact location. These objects are then drawn on the concrete’s surface to provide an accurate layout and dimensions.

Post Scan Analysis

The scan results provide information pertinent to project goals. The results and GPR images are given to the client. 3-Dimensional modeling software is also available to give a more realistic analysis of the site.

Advantages of Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning is very useful to a number of construction project situations. Embedded objects like rebar and pvc pipe are safety concerns and may damage equipment and harm workers. It is important to have as much information on existing site conditions as possible to avoid potential dangers and limitations. This information will save time, help meet your project schedule, and save money by reducing invasive construction procedures and guesswork.

Concrete scanning is quick and practical. This simple procedure will produce valuable information that will contribute to the success of your project and maintain safety on your job site.

Construction project management takes serious commitment and significant experience. Navigating the many factors that affect the construction process takes knowledge of the best tools and solutions. Cobra Concrete Cutting Service possess extensive experience in concrete cutting, drilling, excavation, and concrete scanning. Their level of expertise will help your concrete construction projects meet your goals. To learn more contact us.