Construction sites are like a calm body of water in many ways. Everything seems safe on the surface, but you never know what lurks below. There could be dangers that reach up and bite you. The same idea holds true for things that may be embedded in concrete slabs. That’s why it’s important to work with a full-service Milwaukee concrete scanning outfit that uses the latest GPR technologies to identify hidden dangers. Cobra Concrete employs a three-phase process to help protect general contractors and developers from encountering unnecessary risks.

Scanning Services

What Could Be Hidden?

An explosive NPR story highlighted the issue of unknown dangers below the surface. In California, construction workers were finishing up building a home. Two men were hanging insulation in the attic when a loud boom threw them against the wall as part of the roof literally blew off. It turned out that a previous home had been built on the very same spot and there was an underground gas line that was leaking. The fumes built up in the home and ignited. There was no apparent record of the previous structure or gas lines.

An embarrassing underground incident recently occurred in Milwaukee. A contractor handling a streetcar project mistakenly cut into an underground AT&T telecommunications line. The accident grounded Internet services, landlines and shut down WiFi. Business owners complained they lost thousands of dollars in revenue due to the telecommunications infrastructure shutdown. Those that relied on call-in orders such as pizza restaurants took particularly big losses and even reduced staff during the shutdown. Working with a professional Milwaukee concrete scanning company could have avoided the unnecessary debacle.

How The Scanning Process Works

Cobra Concrete uses a three-step procedure to identify and map out existing hazards in concrete. The first step involves walking the entire job site and gathering information about the property and current undertaking. The stability of existing structures and concrete are assessed. Scanning may help avoid dangers associated with concrete cutting and excavation later, but Cobra Concrete considers worker safety going in.

The scanning aspect utilizes the latest GPR technologies, electro-magnetic wands, and transmitters to locate embedded objects. These objects are then marked on the surface, photographed and an assessment is presented to the contractor before work begins. And, a 3-D map is created for reference during the construction process. Knowing what lays beneath the surface is the first step toward not getting bit by it.

Work With A Milwaukee Concrete Scanning Company

It seems almost counterintuitive to not go the distance and bring in a professional concrete scanning outfit given the danger to workers, cost of mistakes and potential loss of industry credibility. If you have construction site scanning needs, contact Cobra Concrete.

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