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The appearance and apparent strength of concrete can mislead general contractors to employ an on the job DIY approach to drilling. If you look at a concrete slab or wall, it often appears quite sturdy, and that leads some managers to tap a laborer to pick up a drill to save on cost.

This can have catastrophic consequences for the worker and project. There are numerous unseen dangers that only a trained concrete technician would consider. That’s why sub-contracting concrete drilling services out to a company that specializes in this area makes perfect sense. Cobra Concrete employs only highly trained, experienced, and safety-certified concrete drilling specialists.

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Unexpected Concrete Drilling Hazards

Kick and Torque: These hand-held drilling tools, commonly used by general construction workers, often have bits that jam, kick, and wrench the equipment in a spiral. These tools are very powerful and can cause injury in an untrained worker. Companies that specialize in concrete drilling have a cache of equipment that can be anchored and provide clean, injury-free results.

Obstructions: One of the primary reasons workers get injured drilling through concrete is the unseen objects embedded in the material. When concrete is poured, tossing in rocks or adding rebar support are common. That’s why Cobra Concrete utilizes concrete scanning (GPR) to map any hidden dangers.

Dust Hazards: The dust that rises from concrete drilling and cutting can negatively impact a worker’s health. While most construction personnel understand the importance of wearing masks while on task, many are unaware of the floating particles that can exist, even at a distance. Companies that provide commercial-grade concrete drilling services are knowledgeable about safe distances and the latest fume-free technology.

Unstable Materials: Although concrete generally looks tremendously strong, it may have weak points. It takes experts that work in the field on a daily basis to be able to assess on-site risks before beginning work.

Conducting Risk Assessments

Concrete Drilling Services: Hire a Company that Specializes

As you can see from this short-list of potential construction site risks, project decision-makers would do well to reject the impulse to hand powerful concrete drilling tools to general laborers. Experienced companies like Cobra Concrete have a fleet of equipment designed for the single purpose of finding dangers, assessing structural risks, and working with highly trained individuals to properly complete concrete drilling and cutting needs. Things such as Ground Penetrating Radar, experienced structural evaluations, and implementing proper protocols equate to jobs getting done right.

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Cobra Concrete is an industry leader with the ability to achieve core drilling holes ranging from a ½ inch to 60 inches in diameter at any angle. These concrete drilling services have been used to facilitate other subcontractor services including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing among others. For more information or to receive a project quote, contact Cobra Concrete today.

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