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If the phrase “concrete demolition” brings to mind a single construction worker with a jackhammer, you may be surprised to learn about some of the high-tech concrete breaking tools available today.

Whether you have a large or small commercial job, utilizing these processes can make your project go more quickly and much more smoothly. Read on to learn more about today’s concrete demolition and removal technologies.

Robotic Concrete Demolition

Concrete Demolition

Many concrete surfaces in need of removal are irregular, uneven, or otherwise difficult to access. The availability of remote-controlled concrete-breaking robots can make any demolition project simpler and safer. Robotic demolition can make short work of even the largest concrete removal projects, avoiding the scheduling hassles and other headaches that can often be inherent in any large-scale construction job.

Using robotic concrete demolition services can also be useful if you’re only planning to remove or replace part of a concrete surface. By programming the demolition robot to cut and break only the concrete you want to get rid of, you’ll be able to ensure a clean, professional-looking cut rather than having to mark and repeatedly measure the area yourself.

Skid Steer Concrete Removal

When the surface you need to remove is raised or ultra-thick, using a skid steer to lift chunks of concrete and move them is often the most efficient way to accomplish the job. If your project involves some cramped areas a skid steer just can’t access, technicians may opt to saw the concrete into smaller pieces so it can be removed by hand rather than by machine.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Nothing can put a wedge in a concrete demolition project like inadvertently drilling into a sewer line or, worse, a live electrical wire. By using ground penetrating radar to literally see through the concrete before you start sawing or drilling, you’ll be able to avoid complications and any damage to the demolition equipment from unexpected obstructions.

This radar is able to quickly generate, compile, and store data on underground or internal obstructions, giving contractors a 3D view of the concrete they’re preparing to remove.

Post-Removal Cleanup

Concrete demolition and removal can be a messy process even under the best of conditions, and not all companies will help with cleanup. But some, like Cobra Concrete, will restore your job site with their quality removal services.

If these technological advances in the concrete demolition and removal industry have you considering a new project, give Cobra Concrete a call. Cobra Cutting Services Co. is a full-service concrete sawing and drilling contractor in the Chicagoland area; we offer concrete breaking and removal (including robotic demolition and skid steer removal), GPR, and a variety of other concrete cutting-related services.